Knit it Forward - CLICK! for Babies Purple Hat Campaign

The West Coast Knitters’ Guild seeks to help various charitable organizations that can benefit from handmade items. We extend this goal into Woolith Fair, and invite Crawlers to help us help others.

For Woolith Fair 2018, we have chosen CLICK! for Babies! as our recipient. The goal of this campaign is to increase awareness about the Period of Purple crying, and the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). They do this by asking knitters and crocheters to create purple baby hats, which are then distributed to parents every November and December, along with information about SBS.

We invite Crawlers to help us support CLICK! for Babies by knitting or crocheting purple baby hats using soft, machine washable yarns. To make sure that your hats are suitable for distribution, please follow these guidelines:

  • yarn should be new, clean, SOFT-TO-THE-TOUCH and WASHABLE
  • The hats will be worn by newborns, so they should be approximately 13”– 15” in circumference, and approximately 6“ high
  • The hats need to be at least 50% purple (any shade), but feel free to incorporate other colours.
  • Please do not attach decorations such as pom-poms, tassels, straps, bows, ribbons, buttons, etc., as these could pose a choking hazard
  • For complete details, please see the CLICK! for Babies Crafting Guide and Sizing Guide

Bring your purple hats to any of the Passport Stops on Woolith Fair.  We will bring them to the BC Children's hospital so that they can be distributed to hospitals and maternity centres throughout the province. If you want to donate purple hats after Woolith Fair has ended, please contact the West Coast Knitters’ Guild.